Thursday, October 7, 2010

Only Angels Have Wings (1939)

Hands down my favourite actor/tress of all time would have to be Mr. Cary Grant. Not only is he extremely easy on the eyes (no matter what his age ), he was also one of the greatest actors who have ever lived. Every single performance I have seen him in has been exceptional. He puts me at ease (even if he's playing the villian) and makes me feel like a real man is in the room.

I still have yet to see every film he has ever been in, but you can bet that I'm working on it. Today's film is "Only Angels Have Wings", a film from a highly successful (and could be argued one of the best) years in film, 1939 (just think Wizard of Oz, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Dark Victory and Gone with the Wind).

The plot surrounds a small airline out in South America (I believe) who ships the mail from the main city to the small village the planes are situated in. A unique concept, and frankly not one I was expecting after assuming it was another WW2 or any other war themed film. There is, however, danger involved as the planes they use aren't the most reliable and one needs to be a bit of a daring pilot to take on some of the obstacles presented with the unsteady weather.

The fliers are generally young American guys with a deep love of flying. Men who put everything else in life (relationships and family included) second to flying. Grant is the captain/man in charge of the output. He runs a tight ship, each man has their share of flying, he calls the tough shots and tries his best to stay away from the one most bothersome distraction, women! That's where we have our leading lady, the beautiful blonde, Jean Arthur.

Her character Miss. Bonnie Lee gets on famously with the men and seems to fit right in with the environment. She's a guy's girl. Well it's obvious she falls for Grant's character Geoff Carter and vice versa. Grant let's her know that women are a distraction; they cannot cope with the uncertain safety of flying. He had been burned in the past (Rita Hayworth's character Judy).

It's a very worthwhile watch, and not only because of the cast list. The concept and storyline is fairly unique and keeps you deeply involved.

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