Monday, August 10, 2009

So Long at the Fair (1950)

So Long at the Fair is a short, but effective little film set in 1896 Paris during the famous Paris Exhibition. Its a whodunnit/mystery film with heart.

A brother and sister check into a charming little Paris hotel excited to be part of the festivities. They have a grand night out to eat and explore the city. Each go their separate way to their own room at the end of the night. Vicky (Jean Simmons) wakes the next morning to discover her brother Johnny (David Tomlinson)has disappeared and no one has any recollection of him checking into the hotel or even being there. A hunt then ensues, and as the viewer you know something is missing and fishy.

Its a fun little journey to get to the end as Vicky goes on a search to find out what happened. I would truly recommend this as I loved the plot and the acting was quite well done. It reminded me a lot of Hitchcock's famous, The Lady Vanishes.

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